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How does it work?

WWW.TELDATALTD.COM is a provider of Telecom Data Management and Mobile Messaging solutions. Our Proprietary SIM Backup Service is first of its kind in Nigeria, providing our subscribers with "PEACE OF MIND" knowing their numbers are safe and secure. This incredible service also allows our subscribers to manage their accounts at will 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

We also offer INDIVIDUAL and BULK SMS services which can be used to send personalised text messages to your Friends, Clients, Students, Group Members, Distributors or Peers within a Local, Regional or Global recipient base. This service has provided a Cheaper, Faster & Easier way to communicate with your contacts. Popular uses of this service include peer-to-peer messaging, SMS Marketing, Alerts, Information Commincation, WEB-to-Mobile Content, Notifications and more.

SIM BACKUP  is a unique and simple solution, that gives you "PEACE OF MIND" knowing that your phone contacts are stored securely in a location that is accessible 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week... No matter were you are in the world.

In the unfortunate event, of your SIM Card or Phone getting LOST, STOLEN or DAMAGED we, will replace your contacts stored with us within a few minutes.
SMS ONLINE provides an efficient way to reach 1 or more of you contacts using a service that is Cheaper, Faster and Easier than any other communication method available today.

If you have a SIM Backup or Corporate SMS Account, you can send messages to multiple contacts directly from your ONLINE account.

Alternatively, if you don't have a registered account with us, Register FREE and begin to enjoy the benefits of using this great service.
Remiders... is a great way to organise and stay in constant contact with a group or team of people.

You can set reminders for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Meetings, Weddings, etc. against contacts in your ONLINE account.

A Reminder text message will be sent to the selected recepients on the day you specify in order to remind them of the upcoming event.

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WWW.TELDATALTD.COM Launches it's SMS ONLINE! Service to Corporate and Individual clients.

WWW.TELDATALTD.COM Currently seeking Resellers for it's SIM BACKUP Service and SMS Voucher Sales.

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